Lindsay’s Priorities

Lindsay Cross proves every day that principled, dedicated leadership really can make the world a better place. As Executive Director of the Florida Wildlife Corridor, she brought business and community stakeholders together with public agencies to protect water supply, natural habitats, and wildlife. During 14 years with the Tampa Bay Estuary Program, she tackled tough issues related to flooding, beach erosion, and algae blooms. Lindsay is the type of leader that will work for the voters, not the special interests.

Public Schools

A product of the public school system, and the daughter to two public school teachers, Lindsay understands the value of public education. This is why Lindsay believes that high quality public education should be available to every student in District 24. When elected, Lindsay will invest in our public schools to ensure they provide a quality education for our children and provide teachers with competitive, livable wages.


Lindsay also believes in affordable healthcare for every family in District 24. She believes that people shouldn’t have to make a choice whether to pay for healthcare or to pay their utility bills each month. As your state Senator, Lindsay will work everyday to affect change in our healthcare policies and make sure that people in this district, and state, have access to quality healthcare.

Public Transportation

The growing population of Pinellas county has made it the most densely populated county in the state of Florida. To ensure that we can move within our county and region, Lindsay believes in high-quality and reliable public transportation available to everyone. As your representative in Tallahassee, she will ensure that we make a bigger investment in infrastructure, including alternative modes of public transportation.


A healthy environment is the backbone of a strong economy and vibrant communities. In the Tampa Bay region, 20% of all jobs are dependent on a clean Tampa Bay. As we witness environmental catastrophes, such as red tide, algae blooms, and the impacts of natural disasters, it is imperative that we have policies to protect our water quality, our coasts, our drinking water sources and wildlife. Lindsay will focus on strategic and systematic solutions for reducing pollution, protecting our natural habitats and improving our resiliency by working cooperatively with business, government and citizen groups.

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